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Your SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 Resource

We've added and enhanced many new features, including an RSS feed and a SQL Server 2000 Build Chart. Check the news page for other recent updates—we rarely go a day or two without doing something.

For information about SQL Server 2005, please see Article #2465 and our SQL Server 2005 FAQ section.

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Find great resources on MSDE including learning the limitations of the MSDE, where to Download MSDE, and more.

Also, find resources on 80004005 errors, as well as information about why you get the rpc server unavailable or rpc server is unavailable errors.

You might also like to know why dllhost.exe causes such headaches.

If you get the error could not find installable isam, this article will help you out.

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Aspfaq is pleased to have completely overhauled our site. We will be officially releasing the new site on 6/18/06, but for now, you can find it here - APSFAQ.COM v2.0.



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